Modern Realty ignores certain fundamentals,like “the source of water”,which is “life”,along with Air.Our ancestors built ponds in their villages,having about 100 houses,or about 500 people.Or dwellings were near rivers.Cultivation was also,based on ponds and rivers as priories.Our Indus Valley Civilization,is the best example.These aspects have to be strictly adhered to,to avoid water shortages.India has a vast coastline.Desalination Plants for making sea-water potable,are a must,in these locations.

China’s Flouride in drinking water in the USA.Read here.

2.Water Commericalization.Read here.

3.As per reports,on 11/8/2010,contaminated water from wells have supplied for drinking purposes,to a village near Chicago,resulting in Cancer,among the users.

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