H.A.A.R.P!Read here.

2.Dead Hand.Read here.

3.Propaganda,a ‘mere’,Book!Read here.

4.US Nuke Stockpile,as compiled a decade ago.Read here.

5.US Govt admits that manmade Earthquakes possible.Read here.

6.Birth Defects in Falluja,Iraq.Read here.

7.Portable LASER from DARPA.

8.Heat Ray weapon.

9.Drones can be made to crash on to buildings etc.A dangerous weapon?

10.USA;s CHAMP uses Micro Waves TO DESTROY electronic systems without collateral damage.

11. Electromagnetic radiation,smartGrids etc.

12.USA’s Space Plane x-37B is orbiting Earth, for the last two months.

13.US Naval Defence Research Laboratory admits that HAARP CAN manipulate WEATHER!!!

14.USAF’s F-22 has oxygen problem leading to cough and other lung conditions,called,’Raptor Cough”, in Pilots who fly them.

15.Russia and the UK to cooperate in Defence.

To be continued…..