Surveillance.Read here.

2.USA to tighten net security.Read here.

3.Trash spied upon in the UK with Microchip.Read here.

4.Judge rules wire-tapping illegal.Read here.

5.Really frightening!Read here.

6.US and UK pushing Surveillance[IDs and RFIDs] for One World Totalitarian Government.

7.Finally,Cyborgs are for real.


NCTC is dangerous,as it is implied in the Strategic Dialogue[statement] signed by Krishna ,in June,2012,without mandate,as the same has not even be implemented,at all.This statement encourages ,”counterterrorism”,but is in fact a tool for converting INDIA into a  Policde State along with the misuse of,Aadhar,SmartGrid,NatGrid and Digitalization of TV etc.


CAM OVER.That is SURVEILLANCE CAM[ERA]S ARE MADE inoperative.Started in Germany and has spread to the West Coast of the USA via Greece,Finland etc.HERE and HERE are the details.

10.Aadhaar is being made compulsory in India.It is mandatory from 1st July 2017 ,to file Income Tax Return.PAN Card will become INVALID from this date.

To be continued…..