1.Solar storms may cause problems on earth.Read here.

2.Solar storms in 2012/13 may be destructive.Read here

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4.Is the Sun mutating matter on Earth?Watch this Video.

5.Warnings about intense Solar Storms are being reported,as on 12/8/2011, from the last two months or so,as per Spaceweather site.

6.NASA reports Solar Flare,26/9/2011.

7.Solar storm hits Earth:7/3/2012.

8.The present Solar Flare, seems, a bit out of the ordinary.Or, is it due to the better knowledge of the same, in recent times?

9.Solar flares keep getting stronger.



Reportedly,the Sun has unleashed a powerful Flare towards Earth,about 2 or 3 days ago.A new Sunspot is reported to be as big as Earth,itself,and could be seen either in the morning or evening,as huge divided in the Middle.

To be continued……