FLASH Laser Leads to Discovery of New State of Matter.

Read here.

2.Claim of Quantum manipulation of matter to be solved.Read here

3.Mega data storage possible by using nanoparticles.Read here

4.Hologram Technology.Read here

5.Gamma-ray detector called Polaris, which can not only identify the presence of dangerous nuclear materials, but can pinpoint and show their exact location and type,created by Michigan scientists.Read here

6.Temperature achieved,in Laboratory,similar to the Big Bang .Read here

7.Gamma ray bubbles from the Milky Way. Read here

8.Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA.Read here

9.Aging reversed in mice.Read here

10.Perpetual motion since 1950s,in a Romanian museum.Read here

11.Brain To Computer Interface.Read here.

12.Earth’s magnetic pole shift at the rate of 40 miles /Year forces the USA to change an Airport’s signs.Read here

13.Invisibility.Read here.

14.Cheap synthetic Gasoline without CO2 emission.

15.Solar Sail experiment by NASA on.Principle of Solar Sail.

16.THIS software is hack-free.

17.Anti-Matter belt around the Earth.Theory confirmed.

18.Invisibility Cloak.

19.More on invisibility.

Further  advance in Invisibility….

20.ESA sends cargo-ship to the ISS.

21.Texas college researchers take control of US homeland security Drone.


A day or two ago,Chinese Spacenauts,a woman and to men returned after a stay for 15 days in the orbiting Space station,

NASA may send manned Orion Spacecraft deep into Space.About 3600 miles.


US University:-Electric bus charged by Telsa Tech.That is no connection[by induction]……

24.Energy from waves for propulsion.

Wave Glider a robot travels 9000 nautical miles across the Pacific drawing energy from the waves themselves for propulsion………..

25,US Army Black hawk Helicopter makes terrain-based autonomous flight.

26.Huge mount of Gold and other metals on the sea-floor.

27. Stanford creates biological transistor which can be used in a Biological Computer in future.

28.Chinese Scientists’ lightest ever , material which can  absorb pollutants a hundred times more!

29.More on INVISIBILITY Cloak!

30.And,now Quantum Teleportation.[That is ,Teleportation using Quantum Properties].

To be continued……