Elections to the Lok Sabha,in India, in May 2014.The stakes are very high,what with the Globalist Elites’interest in the Indira Congress Party containing the IMF- and World Bank- puppets etc.

AAP[People’s Party],has formed a Coalition Government in  the Union Territory of Delhi.BJP won the recnt Assmebly Polls in Chhattisgarh,Mdhya Pradesh and Rajsthan.

1.The international scene is brimming as usual with War,Climate Debate,Climate-gate,Financial troubles and scandals. Talking of scandals, the salting of Gold,with Tungsten,as the densities of both are almost the same,takes the cake.

Syria is being attacked just like Libya for the last many months,as on 17/2/2013.

2.Divestment is a LOSS.Read here.

3.Turkey,Germany,the Netherlands,Belgium and Italy may have Nukes.Read here.

4.US involved in the Coup in Niger.Read here.

5.Iran captures Rigi.Read here and here.

6.Herman Van Rompuy makes ‘power grab’.Read here.

7.Kashmir,Telengana and the North east of India,are causes of great concern.

8.The use of the fraudulent EVMs and false flags seem to  favour the Congress party.

9.US FDA says seafood safe to eat despite pollution by Gulf Of Mexico oil spill. Read HERE

10.The Globalists are resorting to their ‘colour revolutions”,again.Libya attacked by them,as:-

i.The Central Bank of Libya is State-controlled.The International Bankers do not like that,in any nation.

ii.Qaddafi nationalized Libyan oil Industry,angering the MNCs who control the USA through Business Roundtable.Qaddaff, killed in a brutal manner by a mob.Some reports say that a French secret Service Agent killed an almost lunched Qaddaffi.

11.Corruptions and scams[2 G Spectrum,CoalGate,thorium,VIP Helicopters,Adarsh Society,CWG,Quatrocchhi false statements by CBI etc] by the UPA Government rock India.As on 6/4/20111,Anna Hazare,a 75 year-old Social Worker has started an indefinite fast unto death to stop the same through a Bill in which the Civil Society will have an effective say,which,obviously the corrupt UPA led by MM Singh and the Italian Woman Spy, is resisting.

12.4 States[Bengal,Tamil Nadu,Kerala and Assam] and a Union Territory,Puducherry, go to polls in a month’s time.

TMC in Bengal,AIADMK in TN,Congress party-led front in Kerala,Assam are “DEACLARED” to have won.

In 2012,

Elections were held in Gujarat,UP,Uttarkhand, and a North eastern State.Gujarat BJP won.In the UUP SP won.In the other two states the Indira Congress party is “DECLARED” to have won.


In 2012 Pranab Mukherjee replaced Pratibha Patil as the 13th President of India.

IMF and the World Bank have become the DICTATORS of India by proxy.petroleum Fuels’ prices are being increased,as per their “IMF RIOTS” policy,UNJUSTLY and ILLOGICALLY.


Elections are due in Karnataka.The stakes are high,as this is a prelude to the 2014 Lok Sabha and the many Assembly elections this year..CIA,Blderberg,Rothschilds,etc will be working for the Indira Congress party,as they had done in 2008 with the Gujjar Agitation in Rajasthan,prior to the Assembly Elections,.BJP needs to be careful about EVMs too.