Sensex  -51 ; 18618

Nifty Futures [Monthly]    31.20 points  Premium,12/11/2012

P/C  1.08

vix[fear index]:-

India  –       14.81;+0.08;+0.34%

Institutional Purchases:-

Foreign    D/M/Y :-    Rs Crores –     -18

Indian        Rs Crores :-                        +19

BDI   $           985;+20;+2.07%;Above  200 DMA of 899;but still low  .

Shipping,GLOBAL ECONOMY and Markets in trouble.

Gold       1729 $/US Oz

Silver     1044  $/kg

Copper   3.4625 $/lb

Reuters CRB Index US $  292.16  

Brent Crude    107.21  $/bbl    


Crude Oil (Indian Basket) 9/11/2012

–     In US Dollar ($/bbl) 106.09

–     In Indian Rupees (`/bbl) 5764.93

–     last fortnight      ”   ”          5834.22  [October  16th to 31 st,2012]

Exchange Rate  (`/$) 54.34


US Dollar Index  81.02

Re V Dollar          54.88

The HSBC manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) , compiled by Markit, 52.8 in September, 2012,the same as in August.this year In January, the PMI reading was 57.5.

Above 50 indicates growth.




India’s monthly,Trade Deficit widens to $21 Billion from the average $16 Billion.


Sensex  -13;          18671

vix[fear index]:-

-India  –       14.37;+0.15;+1.05%

Institutional Buying:-      

i)Foreign Rs Crores      –          -230

ii)Indian    ” ”                  –          -121

BDI   $  965;-+25;2.66%;    ABOVE 200 DMA of 898,Below 200 EMA of 1010,but too low.It is worth noting that Coal Stocks are piling up in China as some Steel Mills have been closed..

GLOBAL ECONOMY  in trouble.Fiscal Deficits and Debts  of many nations,ARE VERY HIGH.

2015:-Bond Redemption of the Nations having the HIGHEST Debts,led by Japan.HUGE QEs expected.Currencies will crumble.Commodities will dominate.Land too.

Gold       1721  $/US Oz  [Higher margin requirements for gold trades, were announced Friday (4/5/2012)by the CME Group.Bankers who short Gold and Silver are,reportedly,aided by the various Agencies,and turn a blind eye or look the other way. ]

Silver     1042 $/kg

Copper   3.4365 $/lb  

Reuters CRB Index US $ 292.15    

Brent Crude    107.77  $/bbl


Crude Oil (Indian Basket  9/11/2012

–     In US Dollar ($/bbl) 106.09

–     In Indian Rupees (`/bbl) 5764.93

–     last fortnight      ”   ”         5834.22[October 16 th to 31st,2012]

Exchange Rate  (`/$) 54.34


US Dollar Index 81.17

Re V Dollar          54.97

HSBC Markit Purchasing Manger’s Index,was 52.9,in October,compared to 52.8, in September,2012

Above 50 indicates growth.Applies only for production,but NOT Utilities.

Nifty Futures [Monthly]  31.20 points , PREMIUM,12/11/2012

P/C  NIFTY 1.09


To be continued……



The Globalists want the poor to be done away with,as a higher population will hinder their usurping of the World’s resources.the less the number,the less the competition,the less the Opposition…….

THIS LINK provides an insight into the cruelty, of the Globalists…

To be continued…..

Ireland Scraps Its Voting Machines!

Ireland has done away with EVMs.


 Sensex +70 ; 16719

vix[fear index]:- India – 23.47;-0.17;-0.72% USA 21.23;200 DMA 24.76

Institutional Purchases:- Foreign D/M/Y :- Rs Crores – +202 Indian Rs Crores :- -81

BDI $ 877;Below 200 DMA of 1370;Shipping,GLOBAL ECONOMY and Markets in trouble.

Gold 1595 $/US Oz [Higher margin requirements for gold trades that were announced Friday (4/5/2012)by the CME Group]

Silver 917 $/kg

Copper 3.3015 $/lb

Reuters CRB Index US $ 272.88

Brent Crude 99.47 $/bbl


Crude Oil (Indian Basket) 7/6/2012

– In US Dollar ($/bbl) 98.37

In Indian Rupees (`/bbl) 5425.11

– last fortnight ” ” 5844.36 [May 16th to 31st,2012]

Exchange Rate (`/$) 55.15


US Dollar Index 82.44

Re V Dollar 55.415 [Manipulation for FDI in retail,reducing CAD,Decontrol of Diesel price etc]

The HSBC manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) , compiled by Markit, slipped to 54.8 in May,as against 54.9 in April 2012. In January, the PMI reading was 57.5. Above 50 indicates growth.

Nifty Futures [Monthly] 7.90, Premium,8/6/2012

Modernization and Bringing The Birds Back….Where there is a will ……

THIS article brought home the havoc caused by Modernization,as far as birds are concerned, though many other animals like Monkeys etc are also affected.The absence of trees in the concrete jungles,is acute.


It is easy to bring the birds back,albeit in smaller numbers.I
have converted my house into a “small forest”,by doing simple and
ordinary things.The Cuckoo, Magpie, Sun-bird,the inevitable House
Sparrow and Mynah,parrots,Red Bul Bul,Indian Robin etc are a constant presence
here.There’s another bird which coos constantly,but I am searching for
its name.The Bees build Hives and this is the fifth
one,now.Butterflies and different kinds of Bees and wasps zoom
around….Water is necessary for all the above.I also,offer them snacks and biscuits.The salient features of the “small forest” are:-
1.A very big neem tree.
2.A smaller berry tree.
3.Almost constant water flow[keep the tap open or have a pond,vessel
for water.Refill and replenish.].WATER IS A MUST ….
4.Many almond trees,with one big one.
Only a very small portion of the compound is “cemented”…
Where there is a will there’s a way.

I felt,like, updating this post….


The birds are still around.The good news is the   new arrival new chicks, among,at least the  Sparrows.The baby Sparrows fear me less and often come near me.

The Bees have built yet another Hive.The Berries,which attract the Birds, have started forming.Almonds are also being produced more now.

A new bird with a high-pitched shriek,has been quite friendly and calls out to me in the morning and evening for food.It recognizes the “sound” ,like flushing water etc,in my House and calls out to me.

One Cuckoo was quite friendly with me,and was on the trees of my House,for almost the whole day,with its very sweet cooing.But the neighbours,seem to have driven it away.Now a days I miss this very intelligent bird.

Will be updated……..

Kerala Muslim Cop suspected of Connections with terrorist group/s

Kerala Muslim cop suspected of connections with Terror/ist Groups.