1.Leak in US Nuke Plant.Read here.

2.Mafia paid to sink Radio-active Cargo.Read here.

3.Nuking using DU!Read here.

4.Tritium from US nuke plant leaks into water supply system.Read here.

5.Nuclear Power =  Nuclear Accidents.Read here.

6.Depleted Uranium wrecking havoc in Iraq.Read here.

7.As per reports,a fire broke out in a Nuclear weapons(Trident,with nuke war heads) storage site in UK,on 4/8/2010.A worker in an adjacent non nuclear area was injured.

8.Alert at US Nuclear power plant due to leak,as on August 10th,2010.Read here

9.Sellafield Nuke plant in the UK has Global implications.Read here.

10.Environmental Uranium causes problems for mankind.Read here

11.Spain DEMANDs the USA,remove of huge amount of sand contaminated with Plutonium.

12.Doctors advise women of Fallujah, NOT to give birth.

13.US Town contaminated with Lead being demolished and evacuated.

14.Michigan’s Fermi 2 Nuke Reactor, shut down due to condenser tube leakage.Read here.

15.Earth quake hit Japan’s North East on 11/3/2011,in the afternoon at about 1p.m.On the 12th,in Fukushima Prefecture, 6 Nuke reactors'[of a Private Co], cooling water emergency Diesel pumps did not work as the resulting tsunami had flooded the area.2 Nuke reactor cores are suspected to have molten down.Sea-water is being used in this emergency,as on 13/3/2011.Japan is still,battling with problems at Fukushima as on 6/4/2011!As per some scientists 1/3rd of North Eastern Japan uninhabitable.

A different take on what happened at Fukushima and before.


And THIS ONE too.

Amateurs handed over “decontamination and cleaning “, Contracts in Fukushima.

Fukushima No 2 Daini was lucky unlike Daiichi.

Fukushima Nuclear Accident,is like no other.And that includes,Chernobyl!

Radiation spiked in Tokyo on 14/2/2012.

Radioactive Waste total is estimated to be 30 Million Tonnes.Yakuza seems to be involved in contract work.

16.9/11 Firefighters are affected by cancer.

17.As per reports,Sharad Pawar LIED to the Parliament on 22/2/2011,regarding the BAN on the use of Endosulfan a pesticide.

18.”Minor” accidents continue to be reported from the USA,UK and France,now and then.A sample.


2012 event

On the afternoon of February 1, 2012, one of the reactors had a water leak which resulted in a small amount of radioactive gas escaping from a steam generator, which had to be shut down.ON INSPECTION MANY TUBES,OF WATER-COOLER[HEAT EXCHANGER] HAVE BEEN FOUND AFFECTED[DAMAGED].

20.Radio-active Coal sent to Schools in Kyrgysztan.

21.Former Project Director recommends “jobs” for people around Kaiga Nuclear Plant.

22.Boy creates a STAR by Fusion and becomes  one,himself.

23. Cobalt-60 is used in Medical Equipment.An accident occurred in a Delhi-scrap-dealer’s shop.Another in a container in the port of Genoa,Italy,but luckily no accident this time,as it was safely disposed off.An excerpt from the first link above:–

“……highly radioactive material (cobalt-60 ) was found at a scrap dealer’s shop in Delhi’s Mayapuri area. Before officials from the NDMA and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (Barc) could unravel the mystery and remove the toxic material from the scrap market, 10 people had been contaminated and one had died. “They kept passing the buck. There was no coordination between NDMA, Barc or the department of atomic energy. By the time, they got their act together, enough damage had been done,” says Karuna Raina of Greenpeace . “We neither have infrastructure nor trained people to handle nuclear disasters in this country,” says Raina, a specialist on nuclear matters.

That cobalt-60 – from a ‘gamma irradiator ‘ at Delhi University’s chemistry department – could reach scrap dealers in Mayapuri points to the larger issue of lack of awareness about nuclear material in this country. “”

*Two suffer radioactive exposure in Rawatbhatta Atomic Power station,Rajasthan.


Tank holding radioactive liquids LEAKING n the USA.

6 under-ground tanks leaky,in the USA.Hold toxic nuclear waste.1 million Gallons leaked so far….


20000 ft ash plume over Barren Island [Andaman and Nicobar]Volcano


THIRD DEATH in a month,in US Nuke Plant,Brunswick.


US Student makes compact Nuclear Reacotr running on  gas with minimum problems.


GE Mark 1 Reactors used in Fukushima Plant had design flaws which were known to GE.In Mithi Virdhi,Gujarat,the proposed Nuclear Plant under the so-called “indo US Nuclear Deal” will have GE Reactors.

To be continued.