India’s Agri Sector performs below par.Read here.

2.The USA Takes control Of India,though it was known,while the so-called “Indo-US Nuclear Deal”,was signed.Read here.

3.Water will prove India’s Nemesis.Read here.

But Saurashtra,in Gujarat,has water-scarcity.And the farmers [who are very hard-working and astute], there,raise crops which do not need much water.They also conserve water with check-dams and what not.Narmada Dam is a blessing for Gujarat.

4.GMO causes devastation and farmers’ suicides in follows Globlist Elites’ Polices with eb India.

5.From 2004,there is a distinct effort to destroy India; Agriculture by industrializing,[SEZs,NMIZs], and allowing Real estates on FERTILE lands to usher n FOREIGN GMO Cos.Destruction of  India’s  Agriculture is also for Land Grab.

As on 17/2/2013,M M Singh and Sharad Pawar,the minister For Agriculture are openly recommending GMO.

6.NDA follows the Globalist Elites’ diktat eagerly
i.Subsides removed with NO SS like i the developed economies,where subsides re very high too
ii.Despite removal of subsides petroleum fuel prices re HIGHER due to very HIGH taxation.
iii .Digitization detrimental to people.
To be continued……