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India’s Gold With The RB I:-

This is suspected to be Tungsten plated with Gold instead of PURE GOLD.

MM Singh was a very important figure in both the India’s main Gold transactions,namely:-

i.40MT Gold swap with the Bank Of England,in the 90s of the last Century.

ii.200MT purchase from the IMF in 2010.

iii.MM Singh suspected to be PLANTED and controlled by the Rothschilds.Read HERE

iv.Rothschilds control Bank Of England and were handling the LBMA till 2004.

v.Rothschilds reportted to be controlling the IMF.

vi.MM Singh is a former IMF employee.

Indian households are reported to hold 18000MT of Gold.The Rothschilds are reported to be attracted by this,and India’s general interest in the Royal Metal.