KANDHAMAL 2 in Bihar,Thanks To THE CONGRESS party?

Elections are due in Bihar in October/November,this year.Congress party has been very weak in UP,Bihar etc.This party has good relations with Jesuits,as the Italian Woman is herself  one.She is reported to have been planted in India,by the erstwhile USSR and Opus Dei.

To fully understand this murder one should know what happened in Kandhamal,in 2008.An aged, Hindu Religious Leader was assassinated by the Maoists,which resulted in an emotional backlash from the Hindus.This and possibly the EVMs,ensured that the Congress party was “declared”,to have secured more seats,as the image of the main opposition party was tarnished by propaganda by the Congress party.The present murder will similarly tarnish the image of Shri Nitish Kumar,of Janata Dal,against which the Congress party is fighting to capture power in Bihar,thus its ensuring defeat of the former.Jesuits,the Congress party and Maoists seem to have an understanding.

Is the Congress party,in league with the Maoists?Many facts point to this.

1.Shivraj Patil,the last Home Minister did NOT take ANY action on the Maoists.Thiru P Chidambaram Saar,is also warning of “saffron terror”,a favourite phrase of the Jesuits,and is looking on while people are getting killed in non-Congress ruled States.

2.Maoist problem is MORE in non-Congress ruled States.

3.Bihar elections are due,and this False Flag murder number 2,will help the Congress party.A similar incident,namely,the assassination of an aged Hindu Religious Leader,by Maoists,along with EVMs played a big role in Congress party’s declared results in Andhra,UP,Bihar,Rajasthan in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections,where it was NOT expected to do well.In Andhra ,while the counting was going on the Congress party was reeling and Was far behind.It is to be remembered that a Jesuit “was declared to have won” the elections in Andhra..

4.The Congress party is that of Jesuits and Muslims,as Muslim League has merged with the Congress party.Jesuits are reported to be supporting the Maoists and the Christian terrorists in our North East.The main stream media keep mum.

5.Recently Thiru P Chidmabaram Saar,who was first declared DEFEATED in the 2009 elections,thanked the Jesuits,in August 2010..

On a Janmashtami day a Hindu Religious Leader was assassinated by the Maoists,in Kandhamal,which along with the EVMs enabled the Congress party to have more seats declared in its favour,in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections.Now elections are due in Bihar and another murder,by the Maoists, on a Janmashtami day,in that Indian State.Something is fishy about the Congress party.Maoists and the Congress party may be in league.Earlier,in its heydays the Congress party used to create communal riots.This is the trademark of Jesuits to create disharmony among communities.Please google for “the extreme Oath of the Jesuits“.

Going by the above this seems a False Flag operation of the Congress party,the Jesuits and the Maoists.
In conclusion it should be mentioned that,the USA and hence the CIA,and hence the Jesuits,who have good relations with the CIA and have their own loyalty to their Black Pope,are interested in a strong Congress party in India.At present it is weak and hence is not able to pass or does so with much difficulty,many Bills in the Indian Parliament,mandated by the USA,which are anti-India and pro-US Business.Here’s a sample added ,after the original post,on 8/9/2010.In addition,they want to shatter Hinduism,and the Congress party essentially consists of former  Muslim League merged with itself, and Christians.
So the Congress party NEEDS the Maoists so that it can get more seats declared for itself,in elections,and thats why it is NOT acting or pretends to act,against the Maoists.
The reaction of NAC to Binayak Sens’ life sentence confirms the support of the Congress party[as its is led by NAC’s Italian Woman] and Jesuits to Maoists and Maoists’ supporters.
Trinamul Congress party,a member of the Coalition led by the Congress party, has friendly relations with the Maoists.Read HERE here here here and here
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