India is in very great danger under the Indira Congress party,on many counts and the future of the nation is in jeopardy,if party continues to stick to power by hook or crook,mainly by the latter[misuse of EVMs,EC etc].Let us take the crucial issues one by one.The greatest fear is that India is a Banana Republic under the Indira congress party and all sorts of anti-National policies are being implemented and acts being committed.The nation is being divided on the basis of religion by this party.


This is a very big question mark on the party and the individuals occupying posts are very great threats to the nation.

The “Leader” of this party is uneducated,a suspected PLANT by the erstwhile USSR and the Opus Dei,and a Dictator.No criticism of this leader or the party are tolerated at any level,be it Media,Citizens,Corporations,other parties etc etc.

MM Singh is NOT ELECTED by popular vote but entered the Indian Parliament via the Rajya Sabha,that too based,reportedly,on a LIE regarding his domicile.He is a member.Club Of Rome,aa Globalist body and is implementing polices of the Globalists for ushering in One World Totalitarian Government.

Chidambram and Sibal are from Harvard a reported CIA front.

Ratan Tata is suspected to have links with the Bilderberg.He also has connections with the Harvard.

Nilekani has conncections with the Yale University,again a reported CIA front and with connections to “Skull And Bones”.

Anil Ambani is educated in the USA.Mukesh has connections with the Bank Of America,as he is in the Board and the WEF.

2.This party prefers MNCs to Indians.

The reported “lobbying”[bribing] of the PMO,by Wal-mart for Rs 52 Crores and Starbucks for Rs 1 Crore is shocking and is a reminder, where this party and Indians stand,viz-a-viz the,MNCs .

To be continued……