Bohemian Grove Meeting started on 14th July,2011,and the Mumbai blast occurred on July 13th,2011.

One of the places  ,where the blasts occurred,is NEAR,Antonio Da Silva High School,Dadar,in an area containing

both Hindus and Muslims.So the perpetrator should belong to ANOTHER Religion.

And the name of the

Italian Woman is Antonia!!!

Another blast occurred in  Opera House.[Opera House,mentioned, in an article  on,Oslo Bombing of Norway PM’s Office]

The Bohemian Grove is connected to Music and revelry.

The places where the blasts occurred,contain a large Gujarati population.

Ammonium Nitrate was the explosive used.

No terror outfit has claimed responsibility.

At least TWO nations have,reportedly, a vested interest in the “War On Terror” being PERPETUAL!

These facts point to one International Rogue Espionage And Terrorist Agency and a political party in India,containing Minorities.