The following have benefitted the Indira congress party,which was very weak and was heading to the bottom.But the USA did not seem to want a Nationalist Party like the BJP but one containing their PLANTS,like Globalist MM Singh and Montek Singh Ahuliwalia:-

1.Godhra:-Hindu Pilgrims were first burnt ALIVE and the ensuing hindu Backlash was exploited to term the Hindus and BJP as anti-Minorities.The Indira Congress party was very very weak at this time and the BJP extremely popular due to NO Communal Disturbances in States ruled by them.Gujarat is being ruled by the Nationalist BJP.

2.Kandhamal:-A Hindu Religious leader aged more than 89 was assassinated by another extremely aggressive Minority Community,having CIA’s support. The BJP and Hindus were termed anti-Christin by this,The State was ruled by a Coalition in which BJP was a member.The incident is trademark CIA.

3.Nandigram and Singur:- The Indian Left withdrew support for the UPA I on the so-called “Indo-US Nuclear Deal”,in 2008.AS MM Singh has betrayed India by signing the deal with Bush,though promising to do so only on a National Consensus,Kissinger and Paulson set up shop in India and began intimidating by issuing statements,like “India should sign the deal”.These two met with the bengal CM Buddhadev Bhattacharjee and soon enough the Singur and nandigram incidents took place.The indian Left was in power in Bengal.

4.Rajasthan:-BJP was in power in 2008 when the Gujjar Agitation took place.BJP was defeated in the ensuing elections.

5. Bihar:-Lakhisarai abduction of  Police by Maoists,before Assembly Elections,killing one of them.

6.Now in UP the Dalits being raped and injured. Bhatta-Parsaul is another Singur and Nandigram.Now,the Indira Congress party has been very weak in UP for quite a long time.