Miseries of Christians in Pakistan.

Please save YMCA from the hands of Muslims.

Hello,                                              5th June 2009

Christians of Pakistan need your prayers, financial and moral support. Our daughter and sisters are being raped, forced to embrace Islam and then forced to marry a Muslim.

Our men are being forced to embrace Islam or being killed under the charges of blasphemy.

We comprise about 5% of the population of Pakistan. Government is not giving our correct population figures. Our politicians are handpicked by the major Muslim parties. Therefore our politicians are voiceless in the parliaments. Some times they are made ministers, just to show the Western World that Pakistan is giving equal rights to the Christians. Those are honorary designation / posts. Our ministers are dictated to tell what government wants them to tell to the Western World. They are just a Show Pieces and Puppets.

Our problems are numerous. Christians of Pakistan need your prayers, financial and moral support.

Bellow are some of our problems and there solutions.


Many Christians are living below the living standards. They are in slavery. Muslims rap our daughters and sisters, they convert them to Islam, and they marry them for some times and then leave them to become prostitutes.


Doors of education are shut down for us.

Due to poverty parents don’t send their children to schools. Those who do send them to school and colleges, they are disappointed when their children are denied jobs because they are Christians. They are forced to do janitorial jobs. According to the law janitorial job is only for minorities. Muslims are not to be given janitorial jobs.

Eventually parents are discouraged. They put their children to jobs when they should have been in schools. On the other hands children avoid going to schools and colleges due to discriminations.

Rapes and conversions:

Our daughters and sisters are raped, converted to Islam and then forcibly married to Muslims.

Once converted to Islam can’t return back to Christianity. Death is the only penalty for those who want to return back to Christianity.

Occasionally we are surrounded by a group of Muslims. We are asked, “Do you believe that Mohammed ( PBUH), is The Holy Prophet of God”? Christian would reply, “No!” Then Muslims will jump on him saying that he has blasphemed. According to the law death is the only penalty for blasphemy. How ever his life can be speared if he embraces Islam.

It is a crime to preach to Muslim or try to convert him to Islam. When any Muslim do gets converted to Christianity, then rest of his life he is mentally prepared to get killed by any Muslim. On the other hand when Muslims convert any Christian to Islam then they publicize his conversion on print and electronic media.


Our Christians are under heavy debts. Muslims are money lenders. They have lent money to poor Christians on the monthly interest rate which is 10% to 15%. Mostly that money can’t be paid back. It accumulates to huge amount eventually Christians have to sell out their houses to the money lenders. If they don’t have any property to give against loan, then they take away persons wife or daughter. Sometimes whole family goes into slavery. Sometimes they are forced to become Muslims to get their debts waved off.

We are here like slaves. Our slavery can be compared to Israelites’ in Egypt.


We live in slum areas. Living conditions are unhygienic. Sewerage water is found accumulated on streets and in houses. Portable water is infected with sewerage and chemical waste from factories. Mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches, bed bugs and rats are our regular unwanted visitors.


We have decided to conduct the census of Christian community of Pakistan on our own. Our government is dishonest. We don’t trust her. Since 1947 according to our government our population has remained the same.

In the year 1947, we had 4 seats in the Parliament. Now after 60 years we still have 4 seats in the Parliament. We don’t have any seat in Senate, the Upper House.

If our correct populations figure is given then government will have to give us more seats in parliaments, more ministers, more graduates from college and universities, more Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Accountants and more other jobs. We have four Provincial Assemblies according to our four provinces, National Assembly and Senate. Christians have never been into Senate.

We need to conduct our own censes. We’ll prove that we are 5% of the population of Pakistan. Therefore we should have more seats in Provincial, National Assemblies and Senate. Our parliamentarians will have vote power. They can raise voice for the rights of Christians and development in Christians’ areas will take place.


1- We want to conduct our own censes.

2- We want to have better sewerage system in each Christian majority area.

3- We want to have our own portable water plants.

4- We want to have our own electric power plants.

5- Electric power remain shut down for at least 4hrs a day, some        times it is shut down for 8 hrs a day.

6- Where 5000 or more Christians are settled there we’ll construct Christian Complex, will remain open for 24 hrs. There are many areas where more then 5000 Christians are settled.

The Christian Complex will consist of:

a- School from Montessori to Matric, 10th grade. Children will receive technical education as well.

b- Tailoring, Electrical, Welding, Building Construction, Mechanical workshops, Computer Training Institute, Library, Clinic, and Departmental Stores will be in the complex.

c-  Christians will buy and sell their goods and services to Christians. This will boost up Christians’ economy.

d- Church will be their.

e-  Boys and girls scouts will be available 24 hours to help and guide our depressed Christian community.

f-  24 hour clinic facility will be available.

How you can be helpful to end Christians’ Slavery in Pakistan?

a- Prayers are the strongest instrument. Please keep on praying for us.

b- Your moral support. Please highlight our problems at every forum. Public opinion can turn the table. Be kind and nice to Christian Pakistanis.

c-  Your financial help can provide one time meal to a starving person. It can redeem a person from slavery. One child can start going to school. One of my daughter and sister will not have to sell herself as a prostitute.

d- You may also lend us some money to pay back our debts. Our Christians have borrowed the money from Muslims at the interest 10 to 15%. You may lend us money to pay those debts and we’ll refund your money back in 24 equal monthly installments. If you would like to have 2% interest on your money then that can also be done.

e- You may help us start the business here and earn the profit. You boost our existing business and still earn the profit.

Surety and guarantee:

Better trust God for the refund of your money.

Secondly I being a Pastor and founder of The Church of The Ultimate Power can also be trusted.

Thirdly founder and Pastor of the Central Baptist Church in Pakistan can stand as surety. He is Pastor C.E.Coleman. He is an American and serving God in Pakistan since 40 years.

Fourthly Catholic Bishops in Pakistan can stand as surety.

Please redeem us from The Slavery!!!!

My Introduction:

I am 52 male Pastor of The Church of The Ultimate Power. I am leading my Christian community spiritually, socially and politically. I am on cross road now. Please advise me, should I advise Christians to posses arms to defend themselves, their daughters, sisters and kids?

Please save YMCA from the hands of Muslims.

Soon I’ll send you detail about YMCA. YMCA Karachi is being grabbed by Muslims. Matter was taken to High Court and High Court has appointed corrupt Muslim official to look after the matters of YMCA.

Bye Bye

Pastor Iqbal Shahid

Founder and Pastor

The Church of The Ultimate Power

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