There are efforts to bring in ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.In India ,MM Singh,member,Club Of Rome and former IMF is doing the following to usher in the same.

1.Weaken people,by not allowing them to form Unions,dislocate them from their places of birth using Land Grab for Industries, SEZs etc etc.Divestment and PPP also are used.In short DO NOT ALLOW THE PEOPLE TO UNITE.Use the Minorities against the Majorities,by offering benefits for the former alone.Divide and bring in ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.

2.A high Budget Deficit is used for this,despite the fact that for many years past,about Rs 1 lakh Crores is  NOT UTILIZED,yearly.

3.The Rockefeller Plan(For ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?).Read here.

4.New World Order.Read here.